Basic 3D Printing with TinkerCAD

On Saturday, 11 June,  Phandeeyar Makerspace hosted a workshop on 3D Printing Basics with TinkerCAD. TinkerCAD is a free online platform that allows you to create designs and project without needing to use large programs. The participants were required to bring their own laptops to follow the tutorials of the workshop and create their own 3D projects using TinkerCAD.

Myat Charm from Phandeeyar Makerspace lead the talk, which had nearly 20 attendees.

After the session, food and drinks were provided. The audience was welcome to explore Phandeeyar Makerspace. For a small fee, participants were welcome to use 3D printers in Phandeeyar Makerspace to print their designs and projects. A few of them printed out simple designs, such as their names as keychains.