Business Lessons from Starting Up & Selling Out

On Tuesday 23rd February, David Ketchum presented at Phandeeyar. David is the CEO of the marketing services company Current Asia and is the Chairman of the Digital + Direct Marketing Association Asia.

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David has spent over 20 years in business in Asia and he shared the most important lessons he’s learned along the way.A great crowd of aspiring entrepreneurs were on hand to listen. Here’s what the lessons are:

  1. 1.  Build enterprise grade
  2. 2.  Hire around your core team
  3. 3.  Get great at your core offering fast
  4. 4.  Get scalable fast
  5. 5.  Love your Accountant
  6. 6.  Keep calm and love HR
  7. 7.  Always be marketing

71⁄2. Embrace Risk

If you want to learn more about these lessons, check out David’s presentation here.

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