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Customer Lifetime Value & Customer Acquisition Cost

LTV (customer lifetime value) or CLTV – သုံးစွဲသူ (သို့) ဖောက်သည် ၁ဦး၏ သုံးစွဲသည့်၊ အားပေးသည့် သက်တမ်းအတွင်း ရရှိသည့် ပျမ်းမျှဝင်ငွေ ကိုရည်ညွှန်းသည်။ CPA (cost per acquisition) or CAC (customer acquisition cost) – သုံးစွဲသူ (သို့) ဖောက်သည်… Read more »

New Members of the Phandeeyar Accelerator Team

This month, Phandeeyar Accelerator welcomed 2 new members to its team. After months of searching, going through a list of highly qualified candidates, we’ve finally found the right people who… Read more »

August Tech Meetup: The Potential of Tech Startups

On Thursday, 24 August, Phandeeyar’s Tech Meetup invited CTOs from local tech startups to talk about the potential of tech startups in Myanmar. Our speakers included 2 CTOs from Phandeeyar Accelerator’s… Read more »

Unicode Made Easy Event

Phandeeyar notices the challenge of our community to use Myanmar unicode in daily lives. Therefore, an event called “Unicode Made Easy” was held on this Tuesday evening at Phandeeyar’s main… Read more »