Htamin Boo: Co-Workers Version!


We had our first co-worker “Htamin Boo” on Nov. 23rd! What is “Htamin Boo”you ask? Read on!


At Phandeeyar, we get excited when a Panda team member attends a cool conference or travels to another country for a workshop because not only did he or she learn awesome things to enrich our organization, but it also means we get a “Htamin Boo”! This is a Myanmar adaptation of the Silicon Valley “brown bag lunch”  where colleagues share their activities over a meal.  Htamin Boo means Lunch Box in Myanmar… See what we did there?! We get to hear about all our team member’s experiences and lessons learned while enjoying a delicious lunch. What’s not to love?! 

Phandeeyar’s co-working space is an integral part of our organization and community. We love having a variety of industries and organizations represented in our space and encouraging collaboration.  Because we enjoy our Htamin Boo’s so much, we decided to share the joy and host our very first Co-Worker Htamin Boo.

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We supplied the snacks and the co-workers shared what they are working on while using Phandeeyar’s space.  We also had Phandeeyar team members share updates from their programs.


We host events each month for our co-workers. Stay tuned for the next!