Founder & CEO David Madden speaks at TEDxYangon

Last Sunday 21st May, Phandeeyar’s Founder & CEO, David Madden, was the closing speaker at TEDxYangon. David gave an inspiring talk about Myanmar as “The World’s Best Tech Test Market”.

TEDxYangon_David_Madden_Phandeeyar (1)

David began by noting what an enormous opportunity there is for tech products that meet the needs of people living outside the world’s richest countries. He suggested that to seize this opportunity it was necessary to spend time understanding what the real problems are facing people in developing countries.

David then explained why Myanmar is the ideal market in which to develop “bottom of the pyramid” tech products. The country is in the midst of a connectivity revolution. There’s now more active SIM cards than people in Myanmar.


Even more importantly, the country has leapfrogged straight to smartphones and data; Myanmar now has the highest smartphone penetration rate of any developing country!


David gave some examples of some of the cool products that have been developed in Myanmar and highlighted the potential for them to be used to tackle similar problems in other developing countries.


We’ll post the edited video when it’s ready, but in the meantime, you can watch the Facebook Livestream of the talk here (it starts around 1:22)

You can’t see all the pictures / slides in the livesteam so here’s a version of the presentation that accompanied the talk.

There were lots of other awesome speakers at TEDxYangon. Check out their Facebook page for the livestream from the other three sessions as well as lots more photos.