Founder Institute Yangon deep dives into Legal and IP

Founder Institute Legal and IP

Building a company is hard and takes a lot of effort. As startups grow bigger, they need specialised knowledge and capacity to deal with legal and IP issues.

Founder Institute Legal and IPExperienced mentors like William Greenlee (Partner & Managing Director, DFDL Myanmar), Ei Maung (Founder and Project Manager, Fairway Web ), Melinda Tun (Legal Advisor, ADB), Josephine Price (Executive Director, Anthem Asia Limited) joined founders this week to discuss legal and IP topics in details.

All mentors shared their personal experiences working under Myanmar legal framework. They also shared insights around legal and IP from an investment perspective. These included things  startup founders should decide on when they want to attract investment from local and international investors from a legal and IP stand point.

The class exchanged knowledge on topics such as “Incorporating a Company”, “Shareholding & Founder’s Equity”, and “Intellectual Property”