Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017 at Phandeeyar

Phandeeyar celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week with an amazing line-up of events. Starting from Tuesday, 14 November, until Sunday, 19 November, Phandeeyar is offering a wide range of events to inspire tech and entrepreneurship in the local community.

On November 14, Phandeeyar kickstart the Global Entrepreneurship Week with workshop to help aspiring entrepreneurs understand “What is Startup?” Phandeeyar Accelerator Directo Joao Dutra has given the extensive workshop on what constitute Startup.

On the following day, Founders from Accelerator Cohort 2 shared their entrepreneurship journey and their effort that they have put in to get to the place here are today.

On Thursdays, Experience entrepreneurs and startup founders has joined the casual networking event to share their knowledge and provide useful advises to the aspiring entrepreneurs.

In addition to the Entrepreneurship Workshops, Phandeeyar Makerspace organised “How to build your own Robot?” to teach Tech Savvys on the basics of robot making.