Makerspace Open House

For the first hardware related event at Phandeeyar in 2016, we decided to open up our budding makerspace to the public with an open house. We’ve had a few hardware hackers come by to use our prototyping equipment in the last couple of months, but starting this January, we are ramping up our our efforts to make Phandeeyar’s makerspace the best spot in Yangon for hardware enthusiasts to work on their projects and try out cool new technologies.

Gawking at the insides of the self-driving boat.

Gawking at the insides of the self-driving boat.

A crowd of over 100 folks come by on the Saturday afternoon to hang out, watch the 3D printers, CNC routers and other equipment in action, and take part in discussions about what kinds equipment and programs would be useful additions to the makerspace. We also had a series of talks from our friends who were active in Myanmar’s hardware hacking community. Ko Aung Ko Ko Thet, who is involved with Programme NYE (Nurturing Young Engineers), and also a co-founder of Humble Lab, gave an introduction about Makerspaces and they are all about, followed by an FAQ session by the Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team‘s Ko Tho Hi.

The open house event continued with presentations of cool hardware projects that people have been working on. Ma Kay Khine Than Soe, who had just finished her Master’s in Engineering, presented about her project, which was a device for older people that uses motion sensors that detects if they have fallen down and sends a message via a smartphone. Several groups who participated in last October’s Hardware Hack week also demo-ed their projects, including the crowd favorite cleaning bot, and two other projects which have made significant progress since the Hardware Hack Week. One was a remote controlled mini-tank, and another was a GPS guided self navigating boat, which can actually move in water now!


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