Second-Ever Phandeeyar accelerator demo day successfully matches Myanmar’s most promising tech startups with top local and regional investors

7 tech startups offering innovative solutions and services, pitched to an audience of leading investors within Myanmar’s tech scene.

Myanmar’s tech ecosystem heating up; twice the number of tech startups now compared to last year, and increase in demand for tech products

Thursday 29 March, 2018
Yangon – Phandeeyar Accelerator, Myanmar’s first tech startup accelerator, today announced the conclusion of the second edition of the country’s largest technology investor event, the “#accelerateMM Demo Day”, held at Phandeeyar’s office in bustling downtown Yangon. More than 100 guests from the startup investment ecosystem attended the occasion which saw tech startups pitching investors to raise money for their future growth.
The event saw a series of pitches from the second cohort of tech startups at Phandeeyar Accelerator to a network of venture capital firms and angel investors.
The event attracted 30 investors from 20 different venture capital firms, both from Myanmar and the region. Among those were prominent investment companies such as Patamar Capital, Vulpes Invest and BOD Tech. Also participating were more than 40 top angel investors, representatives of family offices and corporates from Myanmar and the region.

Jes Kaliebe Petersen, CEO of Phandeeyar said:

“The potential for the new generation of tech companies in Myanmar is immense. With more than 85% smartphone penetration, we are just now starting to see the outline of what this country’s tech scene will look like going forward – and it’s highly encouraging. Many promising startups in Myanmar’s tech space are just a key investment away to securing that growth opportunity they need for success. This is where the #accelerateMM Demo Day, now in its second year, can make a positive impact to the country’s
tech scene by providing a platform for the country’s future tech leaders to showcase their products to the investor community.”

At the #accelerateMM Demo Day, the seven tech startups that have just graduated from Phandeeyar Accelerator: Amazing Express, MM Tutors, Next Code, RecyGlo,Beluva, Shwe Bite and Kone Si, took to the stage to impress top investors in an exciting round of presentations. Phandeeyar Accelerator provides talented startups with $25,000 in funding, six months of coaching, over $200,000 worth of services from strategic partners and support from a network of over 40 local and international mentors. These startups are now ready to take flight and seek out further opportunities to reach greater heights.

Phandeeyar Accelerator Director, Mr João Dutra said:

“Founders of the 7 startups graduating this year had tremendous improvement in the past 6 months and are now ready to get an additional round of funding. It will fuel their growth and help them to address some of the biggest customer needs in Myanmar. We are proud of they accomplishments and confident this is just the beginning of their successful stories.”

Below are the highlights from the pitches that the startups presented to Phandeeyar’s network of venture capital firms and Angel investors.
Below are the highlights from the pitches that the startups presented to Phandeeyar’s network of venture capital firms and Angel investors.

Amazing Express

Amazing Express is an awesome logistic solution which provides last mile delivery service to connect shops and customers. The company offers affordable and timely deliveries to its users, and prompt cash handling for its clients. It uniquely relies on students and part-timers to deliver packages, hence creating new income stream for young people. In addition, Amazing uses sophisticated process to ensure and insure there is no damage or loss of parcels.

Working with 26 active online shops, Amazing has delivered over 2,500 deliveries since launch in October 2017


Beluva is the Myanmar music streaming service that provides support to the artists with royalty management as well as the listeners with an easy and accessible platform. We take our pride in our work providing innovative technical services with the vision to develop local music industry to step up to the region and beyond in the future.

Beluva now have over 3,500 songs available on their platform with over 7,000 app installs in just over 2 months Since their launch.

Kone Si

KoneSi is a load-pooling logistics solution provider for small and medium enterprises in the retail sector. We help our clients to save 50% of their logistics costs, increase their retail reach and focus on other productive tasks by taking full responsibilities of their retail distribution. The team is founded by experienced and passionate professionals with 20 years of combined working experiences in hospitality, telecom and retail supply chain and logistics sectors.

Within 2 months of the operations, Kone Si have worked with over 10 repeating clients to deliver over 120 millions Kyat worth of goods.


MMTutors is Myanmar’s very first professional tutor booking platform. Founded by young yet enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneurs with a wealth of overall 16 years of tutoring experience, MMTutors is the ideal way for high school students, college students and working people as well as younger learners to find a specialized tutor in the subject(s) they struggle with most or they wish to excel.

MMTutors now has over 400 registered tutors, 35 official tutors and over 50 customers, amounting to over 1,200 total tutoring hours through MMTutors. Their customers include a range of learners starting from high school students to foreign expats working in NGOs and international companies.

Next Code

Next Code is specialized in providing software solutions to the healthcare sector, including hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Our vision is to solve challenging problems in Myanmar’s healthcare sector through digitizing medical records and services with mobile first systems. It is founded by Thiha Zaw who has 7 years of experience with hospital management systems deployed at over 50 hospitals.

Next Code is currently working with 11 hospitals to provide easy doctor booking and queue management systems so that our client hospitals can offer quality healthcare.


Recyglo is an innovative recycling solution in Myanmar. Started by 3 founders who are passionate about social impact and sustainability, its mission is to process recyclable materials in a safe and responsible manner. We offer recyclable waste pick-up and recycling services to responsible corporations and organizations, in addition to waste audit and secure document disposal services.

Currently, Recyglo is providing recycling services to 2 high-end office towers, 1 international school, and a few NGO offices and companies.

Shwe Bite

Shwe Bite is an innovative social platform that delivers home-cooked foods to your doorstep. The mission is to empower women and homemakers by enabling them to make extra income without leaving their homes. It also provides healthy home-cooked meals to busy workers with affordable prices. We provide a marketplace in order to connect home cooks, who want extra stream of income and office workers who crave healthy home-cooked meals. Shwe Bite provides door-to-door delivery as well as catering service for special events.

Working with 15 selected housewife and delivered more than 3,500 lunch boxes in total and have done 5 catering services. Shwe Bite has more than 10 million kyats revenue and their app is available for Andriod platform with the options of more than 400 dishes.

The startups are now raising their next round of funding to expand and grow their businesses.