Moving Innovation Lab aims to provide young people in locations
outside of Yangon with access to innovation tools and skills through
Phandeeyar Innovation Bus will bring four different innovation
programs to regional locations around Myanmar


Friday, 5th October 2018
Yangon – Phandeeyar, an innovation lab that is spearheading the use of technology to
accelerate change and development in Myanmar, today introduced its moving innovation
lab at Phandeeyar’s downtown Yangon office.
Phandeeyar Innovation Bus, a moving innovation lab aims to provide youth in
locations outside of Yangon with access to technology innovation tools and skills, and will
bring four different programs to towns and cities around Myanmar within the next 6 months.

Programs Description
Makerspace Phandeeyar will regionalize its ongoing Makerspace program, that is,
equipping the moving innovation lab with state-of-the-art hardware to
empower young people with crucial technical and vocational skills.
Specifically, Phandeeyar will facilitate several workshops, using mainly its
3D printers to showcase innovative ways for technology to significantly
improve people’s lives

Regional Startup Challenge Phandeeyar will be hosting a regional Startup Challenge, drawing on our
experience in organizing the Yangon based 9-day Startup Challenge. This
regional event will mobilize and encourage local tech and entrepreneurial
talent to present their business ideas to a wider audience and competent
judges. In addition, this regional Startup Challenge will offer young people
tools and insights on how to develop their ideas further and generate
sustainable and impactful technology businesses with the aim togrowing
the local economy.

Digital Rights Workshop Phandeeyar’s Digital Rights team will engage through the moving
innovation lab with regional communities, mainly through workshops
focused on digital security and safety.

Civic Tech Hackathon Phandeeyar will organize and execute three localized hackathons in
different regions in Myanmar. Our hackathons are sprint-like events in
which we bring together developers, graphic designers, civic entrepreneurs
and subject matter experts, in order to collaborate on a given problem.
The goal of these hackathons is to create actual usable software and to
identify viable pathways towards solving the challenge. Depending on the
location of the hackathon, Phandeeyar will identify the most pressing local
issues to be solved by the participants.

CEO of Phandeeyar, Jes Kaliebe Petersen said :
“Phandeeyar’s mission is to support the tech and startup ecosystem in Myanmar, and to
help people deploy technology to create positive change. In doing so, it is important to
recognize that the tech ecosystem in Myanmar expands much beyond Yangon, Mandalay
and other big cities. In the last four years, technology has become an integrated part of
people’s lives all over Myanmar, and this is why we decided to launch the Innovation Bus.
There is an enormous potential among young people in Myanmar to harness technology to
create a real change, and with the Innovation Bus, we aim to activate that potential. Starting
now, we are looking forward to take the bus around the country and host interactive,
impactful events and activities for young aspiring technologists, entrepreneurs and other
The first event of the Innovation Bus will take place at Taungoo University of Computer
studies from 9th to 16th October. The bus will then continue its journey to Mawlamyaing and
Lashio in the months of December and January.
Phandeeyar’s Tech Community Manager, Htun Khaing Lynn commented : “Before
launching the innovation bus, we carefully researched the most viable locations for regional
events.. We now have finalized the first several locations, and we are excited to be starting
out at the Taungoo University of Computer Studies. This is the first time such an event has
been offered in Taungoo, and we see a lot of potential among the community of students
and young people there. We received valuable support from the computer university in
Taungoo especially the rector, Daw Ei Ei Hlaing has provided great help. We hope to initiate
a startup community there with ongoing support from Phandeeyar throughout their
All the programs will be held in the duration of eight days and anyone who would like to
participate can register through Phandeeyar Facebook Page.