Mapathon Award Winning

(Yangon 12 March, 2018) Phandeeyar today announced that it has organized Yangon’s inaugural digital mapathon event, the 2018 Yangon Map Challenge, Between 24th February and 3rd March. More than 100 online mappers participated in event where they compete to chart the most unmapped locations of Myanmar’s largest city and the winning team, Thin Gan Gyun township team ,take home a prize of MMK 1,000,000.

This innovative initiative to map Yangon’s numerous unmarked places on OpenStreetMap, an open-source online map platform, aims to help residents and visitors better navigate their way around the bustling city’s many streets, roads and alleys to find their destination.

The participating teams, through the use of devices such as internet-connected laptops and mobile devices, coordinated the most efficient mapping routes to contribute the # location information and data in # townships to update the OpenStreetMap platform for anyone to access on the platform.

“Many parts of Myanmar are still ‘under-mapped’ digitally. It is essential that all citizens have access to high quality maps of their communities. With the Phandeeyar Map Challenge, we aim to increase the coverage and quality of digital street maps of Yangon, and make the maps available to anybody. We are really excited about the high level of interest we have received for this event, and to see a growing community of contributors to maps in Myanmar”, said Jes Kaliebe Petersen, Phandeeyar’s CEO.

Each member of the competing teams will be also provided with ten MMK1,500 Grab vouchers for use during the contest period as the vie for the top spot and the cash reward on offer.

“Yangon Map Challenge is a going to be a really fun competition, but more important, a collaborative effort among mapping and technology enthusiasts in Yangon. Together with our mapping partners, OneMap and Grab, we hope that this event is going to encourage more people all over Myanmar to contribute to the mapping of their local communities”, Jes Kaliebe Petersen said.

The teams will set out on 25th Feb to the townships they are assigned to and have a week to mark as many places as possible by 9:30AM on 3rd March, after which the team with the most verified locations will be selected as winners of the mapathon. The winning team will be announced at a special ceremony on 3rd March,2018 and be awarded the MMK1,000,000 cash reward.

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Phandeeyar was born out of Code for Change Myanmar, a series of hackathons in 2014 that highlighted the potential of Myanmar’s connectivity revolution. In 2015, thousands of people participated in Phandeeyar’s more than 100 events, which included a startup competition and three hackathons. In 2016, Phandeeyar launched Myanmar’s first-ever tech startup Accelerator, the Yangon chapter of Founder Institute, Silicon Valley’s most successful entrepreneur development program, a Makerspace for the country’s hardware hackers and, an open data platform.

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