Smart Social Media Program Launches

Beginning in 2015, our team led a series of “Smart Social Media” workshops in both Mandalay and Yangon. These workshop are designed to share how to update their Facebook, security settings and privacy settings, and how to report bad content. The workshops also introduce participants to Facebook’s community standards and tips ( for using the platform safely and security. Almost 100 community leaders representing key civil society organizations, start-ups and businesses, INGOs and trade associations participated in these workshops.


Smart Social Media

Facebook Community StandardsFacebook Community Standards

Introducing Smart Social Media Ambassadors!

Many training participants were excited to share about how to use Facebook responsibly, the privacy and security settings of Facebook and how to report. To provide them with support to do this, we started a Smart Social Media Ambassadors program. This program gives community leaders the support to inform their organizations, schools, family and friends about how to have a better experience on social media.

To empower the ambassadors to share about what they learned in the workshop with the people whom they care in their communities by organizing their own meetups, Ambassadors were provided with support to organize their own Smart Social Media meetups. So far, five meetups were organized by four ambassadors with 55 participants!

Smart Social Media AmbassadorsSmart Social Media Ambassadors2


You can download the Smart Social Media handbook here: SmartSocialMediahandout

Contact or if any organization needs help with social media.