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Fintech is a term used for financial technology. It is the use of tech in the financial sector to enable more inclusiveness. Eg. Mobile Money Payment Platforms.


Agtech is the use of tech to empower and improve the agricultural sector in Myanmar. Mobile applications for information and trading in the agriculture sector is the great example of using technology in agriculture. ( E.g. Shwe Thee Nhan App)

Internet of Things (iOT)

The Internet of Things (iOT) is an emerging topic of technical, social, and economic significance. Consumer
products, durable goods, cars and trucks, industrial and utility components, sensors, and other everyday
objects are being combined with Internet connectivity and powerful data analytic capabilities that promise to
transform the way we work, live, and play. Eg. Robot Cleaner

Tech for All

Most people in Myanmar have access to smartphones and the Internet. With a large rural population that have only as of recently had access to the Internet, there is a significant and important demand for locally created products and tech services that can provide real value to those underserved by technology.

Startup Challenge, Myanmar’s only startup idea competition, is now hosting a 9-days long intensive competition, designed to help you with modelling your business ideas around the four key areas.It will be held from 20 May to 28 May at Phandeeyar: Myanmar Innovation Lab, 11th Floor, MAC Tower, Merchant Road.Participants do not need expertise on Fintech, Agtech, iOT, or Tech for all; Phandeeyar is bringing topic experts to train and mentor participants before and throughout the competition. All participants will be mentored to develop business models using the Business Model Canvas, which is an essential startup building/idea prototyping tool used around the globe.


Startup Challenge is ideal for people who already have a business idea or are interested in working with startups. People who have already started their business but want to refine their business model are also welcome to join.It doesn’t matter if you are entrepreneur, designer, developer, engineer, marketer, accountant or student, If you have business idea or are interested in working with startups, you should join Phandeeyar Startup Challenge 2017.


Apply Now at or sign up for our information session and track workshops below:

Startup Challenge Info Hour: (Thursday: 27 April 2017 @6PM)

We will be covering the details & process of the competition, judging criteria, and prize money.

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Startup Challenge 2017: Fintech Ideation Session (Thursday: 04 May 2017 @6PM)

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Startup Challenge 2017: Tech for All Ideation Session (Tuesday: 09 May 2017 @6PM)

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Startup Challenge 2017: Agtech Ideation Session (Thursday: 11 May 2017 @6PM)

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Startup Challenge 2017: iOT Ideation Session (Thursday: 18 May 2017 @6PM)

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If you have any question regarding the Startup Challenge 2017, kindly find below for Frequently Asked Questions or contact Phandeeyar at 09 966 313 504 or email us at


Q. What is Startup Challenge?

A. It’s a competition to see who can build the best business model starting from a business idea within one week. We want to see who can get the furthest in building an actual business – such as a product prototype, marketing channels, financial plan, and maybe even finding some initial customers.

Q. How can I apply for Startup Challenge?

A. You can apply via

Q. When are the applications due?

A. We will close our applications on 17 May 2017.

Q. Where is it held at?

A. Startup Challenge 2017 will be held at Phandeeyar: Myanmar Innovation Lab, 561 Merchant Road, 11th Floor.

Q. How long is the event?

A. Startup Challenge will take place from 20 May to 28 May

Q. Who should participate in Startup Challenge?

A. Anyone who wants to learn to build a business around Fintech, Agtech, IoT or TechForAll.

Q. Is there a fee involved in joining startup challenge?

A. There is no fee involved in joining startup challenge

Q. What is the maximum number of applicants for this event?

A. There is no limit on the number of applicants. Last year, we had over 200 participants.

Q. What is the age limit for this event?

A. There is no age limit. We can recommend aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in starting Fintech, Agtech, iOT, and Tech for all startups.

Q. If I’m interested, who do I contact to apply?

A. You can contact entrepreneurship program team via or 09 966 313 504.

Q. Do I get to participate once I submit the application form?

A. No. We will send out the confirmation email to those who accepted into the challenge.

Q. If I’m an applicant, what are things I need to know before I apply?

A. You can come to Phandeeyar Startup Challenge Info Hour on Thursday: 27 April 2017 @6PM. Register here []

Q. I don’t have skills or experience in building a business. Can I still join?

A. YES. We welcome anyone who either has a business idea, or have skills that will be useful for business: such as marketing, finance, business development, software development, etc. We have a series of workshops lined up to teach you how to build a business model using the Business Model Canvas – which is a widely used tool all over the world.

Q. What are the Startup Challenge Tracks?


Fintech (Tech for Financial Industry)track: Fintech is a term used for financial technology. It is the use of tech in the financial sector to enable more inclusiveness. Eg. Mobile Money Payment Platforms.

Agtech (Tech for Agriculture Industry) : Agtech is the use of tech to empower and improve the agricultural sector in Myanmar. Eg. Mobile applications for information and trading in the agriculture sector. ( See; Green-way Agri Mobile App)

Internet of Things track (iOT): iOT is this idea that all things can be connected via online networks. Eg. Smart homes, Smart cities, Smart planets.

Tech for all track: The concept of Tech for all is that all technology should be inclusive. That is, technology can also be used to empower people that are underserved. (E.g. Uber,)

Q. Do I have to choose one?

A. Yes, you need to choose one track to be eligible to compete in Startup Challenge.

Q. How many people do we need to form a team?

A. Minimum number of people per team is 2. We don’t have a maximum number but we recommend no more than 5 people per team.

Q. Do I need to be in a team before the Challenge Starts?

A. NO. Don’t worry if you’re not in a team yet – we can help you find teammates.

Q. I have a job and can’t work on this full time. Does that matter?

A. NO. Most budding entrepreneurs have jobs! This is a one week challenge so people can work on this on the weekend (and/or evenings) or whenever they have spare time.

Q. Can our company or startup enter Startup Challenge?

A. YES. Companies (especially Startups) are welcome to participate.

Q. Does the business idea have to be a technology based idea – such as an app, or e-commerce?

A. NO. Any business idea is welcome. However, we highly encourage the businesses to incorporate technology in their business model.

Q. Does it matter if I’ve never participated in a business competition or a “hackathon”?

A. NO. We’ll explain everything.

Q. Can I participate if I don’t live in Yangon?

A. YES. We’ll post all the information you need online. HOWEVER, at least one team member will need to come to Yangon on Sunday, 28 May to do the final presentation in front of the judges.

Q. Can we work on the Startup Challenge at Phandeeyar?

A. YES – Phandeeyar will be open on the entire week from 20-28 May if teams want to work there.

Q. Do we have to work at Phandeeyar?

A. NO. You can work wherever you want. We’ll have good internet, food, drinks and a cool vibe, but you don’t have to work at Phandeeyar.

Q. Can I participate by myself?

A. NO, but you just need one more person to meet the minimum requirement of 2 people per team. If you don’t have a team, DON’T WORRY. We can help you find one. Just come to the opening ceremony on Saturday.