Stockholm Internet Forum 2017

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Last year in December, Phandeeyar organized Myanmar Digital Rights Forum (MDRF) to introduce key civil society and media stakeholders to critical internet access and digital rights issues, to enable civil society groups to make connections with local and international technologists who could assist them with their education and advocacy work, and to enable civil society groups to exchange ideas with each other in the critical period during the country’s connectivity revolution.

The model for Myanmar Digital Rights Forum (MDRF) is inspired by the annual Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF), a global platform for open-­ended multi-­stakeholder discussions on internet issues with the internet and human rights activists, decision­makers, the technical community, corporations and academia.

This year, Yoon from Phandeeyar participated in Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF) on May 15-18 2017 to have in-depth dialogue and discussions on how a free, open and secure internet promotes human rights and development worldwide. SIF17 focuses on the connections between access and power. The major focus helps continue to be on community building and learning, making sure that the competence of participating individuals and organizations is used at its most.